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School trip photomarathons

What is a photomarathon?

Photomarathons are a timed competition. A group of photographers are given a set of themes to take photos on. At the end of the available time the photographers submit a set of photos, one photo for each theme in the given order. The judges then choose the best photos and award prizes.

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What is a school trip photomarathon?

As a school trip activity, we run a photomarathon for about one hour (including the judging and prize giving). For 15 to 20 minutes the pupils take photos on three or four themes in a location. By using themes provided by the teacher the pupils' photos form a personal collection of resources, which can be used after the trip.

We are interested to see if aligning the competition themes with the curriculum topics encourages pupils to think about the topics during their trip, and helps them to relate what they learn during the trip to the work they do afterwards in class.

Photomarathon demo galleries